The Best AC Substitute

Global warming is the hot issue these days. And with this condition, the temperature become high and hot. And it increase the production of the AC. With so many people using AC, it can worst the effect of the global warming. But now there is the solution for this problem. With cooling ceiling tiles technology, your house can become cool without the AC. This tool basically uses the water to cool the temperature in a room. The water inside this tile will evaporate with the air and lower the temperature of the room. So, this is the best way for fresh and cool air.

Intelligent Car Door for Safety Driver

Sometime the car accident happens to us. And it can affect great damage to our car and our self. This thing usually happen when the car door opened on the path of other car run. So, with this problem, the BMW scientists trying to developing new technology that can avoid this accident happen. This technology using the sensor that can detect the upcoming car from the path where we open the car door and compare with the accelerometer, it will lock so we can’t open it. With this technology, our car and our self will get more safety in the car.

How to Search for MP3 and Music Files on Google

Did you know that Google can help to search for music files such as MP3, WMA, or other music files? Many methods can be used to search for your favorite music files. You can directly enter the name of singer or song title in the Google search box.

Other ways the most effective format is to use the right search. The following are the search format you can use when searching for music files such as MP3, WMA, or other type of file in Google. You simply type in the following format in the Google search box:
-inurl: htm-inurl: html intitle: "index of" mp3 "Artist Name"

Suppose you want to find songs that you sung favored by Nidji, you simply type in the Google search box as follows:
-inurl: htm-inurl: html intitle: "index of" mp3 "Michael Heart"

Easy is not it? Congratulations find file MP3, WMA, or other music files through Google. However, to keep in mind, we recommend that you download (download) the songs only from sites that provide formal music files only. Because if we download without permission or download pirated songs, the same we have been in violation of applicable laws.

The History of Computers

Computers that we use now is not necessarily appear as such but through a long process in evolution. Particulars may be the emergence of the computer can be seen in flashback history since Abacus uses - found in Babilonia (Iraq) around 5000 years ago - as a means of calculating the first, both in schools and among the traders, at that time. In the next period has been found many tools countdown Pascaline mechanical kind that is found by Blaine Pascal in 1642, Arithometer by Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar in 1820, Babbage's Folly by Charles Babbage in 1822, and by Hollerith Herman Hollerith in the year 1889. All machines are shaped entirely without electricity. The size and complexity of the structure is based on the level of the operation of the calculation is done. Then in 1940, a new era began in the computer electrical computer electrically finding that apply Boolean algebra system.

The development of computer technology that is described below in the top four for the next generation based on components that use, ranging from the size of "big" is analogous to the micro as well as the complexity of its components.

First generation
When this time is a giant computer-computer, such as Z3, Colossus, ENIAC, EDVAC, EDSAC, UNIVAC I. Characteristics at the time of this computer are marked with a size almost equal to room, using a vacuum cleaner tube with a number of very much to store and process the orders or instructions, take thousands of watts of electricity, using machine language and can be used only by people trained. So, people will not be able to use the computer so that this type has not been published to the public. Only the large companies, educational institutions and government agencies that use them.

Second generation
This era begins with the transistor and dioda as a replacement of the vacuum cleaner so that the tube size is smaller than preceding generations. Other findings, namely the use of magnetic core memory that serves data store, so much faster in data processing, and machine language was replaced with assembly language (Fortran and Cobol) ease in the operation. Some examples on the computer this time, the Stretch, LARC, DEC PDP-8, IBM 1401, IBM 7090 and IBM 7094.

Third Generation
New era of communications on the computer begin developing this momentum. Most companies implement a system of on-line using a remote terminal in the computer (read: on-line). This technology would also be supported by the performance of the computer that is better in terms of the use of hardware and software. The findings in the field of new hardware dilakoni with the emergence of IC (Integrated Circuit) components in the computer. Because the benefits in unify various components in a single chip so that the computer at the time the size of a small computer without lowering the performance of the resulting, and even improve the performance. In the software, programming techniques plural (Multi-Programming) have been developed so that the collection add various programming languages that exist. Cray-1, UNIVAC 90/30 and IBM 360 computers are some examples on this generation.

Fourth Generation
Along with the rapid development of the computer as a tool for processing data increasing rapidly, especially in this generation. The growing speed is proportionate to the inverse of the small size with the ability supported by a larger memory. The price is more affordable due to the components have been produced and sold the missal. At this period various IC incorporated into one unit called the component form with VLSI (Very Large Scale IC). Use of the software easier to develop and begin the computer-implemented on the home computer, such as word processing and spreadsheet. Internet network is also more knowledgeable that was only enjoyed by elite groups have now also can be used by lay people. Use microprosessor now absolutely no longer used only on the computer but have been applied to electronic products, such as television and microwave. See the development of the computer world is very high level of growth from the early generations up to now is how can we predict characteristics of the computer on future generations. Maybe, the computer will not have to hold by people but he can do all the activities themselves. Ability may have human-like versatility. Such as the ability (or Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelegence) is now actively examined by developed countries such as Japan and the United States.

Historical Human Future

Charles Darwin months just ended. Boisterousness in the birth of 200 years and 150 years occurrence of the books, The Origin of Species, start gradually quiet. While cleaning the remnants party, it's future will also increase creep: whether human evolution has been the fate like this?

Who is to uphold the idea that Darwin should refuse to give up terms question. Organic evolution is that certain events, the same would encircle the earth with the sun. No creature can avoid. Diversity, exist, or the extinction of a species entirely decided by natural selection, the main driving force of evolution, and it also applies to Homo sapiens.

The average life of the species reach a few million years. Each year, thousands of species declared extinct, and thousands of other show instead. There is no guarantee whether human life can avoid both these facts.

A number of unique is the Darwinian thought otherwise. Humans are too different, so can not be equated with other species. Humans have the advantage in technology, the energy, the use of clothing, social organizations, and high-level skills. In short, humans are the only species that are able to avoid evolution.

One of the arguments submitted by the famed Steve Jones in a debate titled Is Evolution Over? Royal Society in Edinburgh seven years ago, "If you want to know what utopia, see around. The situation is better or worse has been stopped for our species."

Jones fully supported the argument by Peter Ward, a scientist who works at the renowned University of Washington. Through the Future Evolution (2001), Ward is not the change will see the man. Current lifestyle, especially in developed countries, has been protecting people from the pressures of evolution.

"People can now live longer, stronger, and healthier,".

Some other experts choose a more secure way. They considered the evolution of man are still in progress. Not in the physical level, but culture. In the future, significant changes occurred only in the region behavior, social trends, and intelegensi.

Flow coming from the opposite was the spicy Chris Stringer at the Natural History Museum, London. According to him, too naive if people think that self worth far more special in front of natural selection rather than other species.

"If we heed again the people in Europe about 50 thousand years ago (Homo neanderthalensis), you certainly assumes they will evolve to become bigger and stronger. Then, with quite suddenly, they are less competitive and is replaced by species that more well - lighter, higher, more intelligent and who came from Africa (Homo sapiens). You can not predict to which direction evolution will go, "said Stringer.

Stringer declaration clearly felt with the rising The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization accelerated Human Evolution paper Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending. In a new book that was a month, since shown that the finding of agriculture and the emergence of urban society, the human has evolved 100 times faster.

Although still bitterly debated, the data show at least progress and technology, which is not produced immediately to protect the people from the jaws natural selection. We do not know what is waiting in front of it, but that does not mean we are safe from species evolution.
The idea that we can create really great technology that we reveal the extraordinary powerful. However, all creatures should remain subject to the Second Law organist: "Evolution is a smart all of you."

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Solutions for File Extension THM Problems

Do you like to keep your image file in your computer? How many image files do you keep? Well, if you are people who use computer to deal mostly with pictures or images, you certainly understand that you need high performance computer. Problems related to file that supports application for images and pictures need to be solved soon otherwise you might not be able to work well.

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Further, there are complete information and step by step instruction that you can simply follow whenever you want to repair File Extension THM problems. You also don’t need to be afraid of any spy ware, ad ware or viruses whenever you scan your computer directly from this website as this website has been certified free from such things. Therefore, if you find problems with your file extension, this website is your right partner for the best solution.

Tapper phone and SMS

     One application tapper phone and SMS is a fairly well-Mobile Secuware. Mobile Secuware present later claimed that its creator has many advantages compared to a similar application earlier outstanding. May be spelled, Secuware Mobile is a combination of several similar applications plus other features that more interesting. 

    Mobile Secuware tapper features can be used to monitor the heart through the Remote Monitoring feature it. In addition, this application provided the ability of anti thief, if at any time your phone is lost or stolen, can be known through the M-Trax facilities and existing data can be saved therein.

Yahoo Crop Hundreds of Workers

     Yahoo Inc., to end the employment relationship of a few hundred workers in the first round of cutting workers from Carol Bartz in January as leader, quoted Reuters News Agency. 

     Any denunciation shall be known next Tuesday, if Yahoo report the financial position of the first quarter, according to the source of the request, his name is not due to the sensitive issue. 

     Termination of employment contract in the last lap Yahoo to occur in December, the former CEO and founder Jerry Yang. Companies, providers of Internet search engine in the second to the United States, 2008 to employ 13,600 workers, after more than 1,600 workers from the third quarter of 2008. 

Yahoo rejects redundancy plan, it messages in the New York Times, Tuesday April 14th. 

     The cut is almost two months after the reorganization of internal management and Bartz mengeksplore a partnership to help them develop further. 

     Yahoo and Microsoft Corp. met recently to confirm the agreement of the company, the Internet search engine, according to sources close to the issue of the applicant does not mention his name. 

     Search engine project, turnover in the first quarter should continue until 16% to 1.53 billion dollars. Yahoo-share rose 3 cents to 14.10 dollars in trade meeting.

Nokia Netbook Launched in the Year 2011

     NetBook? Nokia? Can be? Yes, Nokia plans to develop a netBook. This mobile phone manufacturer has also planned to discuss the construction of a netBook with a fixed price, the manufacturer of Taiwan. 

     ECS, the flexibility of the motherboard and economic flow style, is under discussion, with the Finnish mobile phone giant. Both are to reach an agreement in June, which means netBook Nokia berlogo may be just before the Christmas holidays. 

     Nokia estimates the ARM processor-based Symbian operating system on the netBook offers brief. Thanks to its CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia promised to create (or use the OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturers) and laptops in the coming year 2011. 

In addition to ECS, ODM / OEM Foxconn also interest netBook Nokia.

Problems When Upgrading from Windows 7 beta to Windows 7 RC

     Those who upgrade to Windows 7 beta version of the RC(Release Candidate)  is a bit more complicated to make, and by some process. In, Tuesday April 7th, Microsoft said that both give the user the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 7 beta later, while the second possibility is also very simple. 

Microsoft recommended that those who upgrade from Windows 7 beta version of the RC, we must return to Windows Vista and the upgrade of the system. Microsoft, testing and follow these instructions, and support of Microsoft's opinion on the test results of upgrading to Windows Vista 7th 

"We understand that many people, including ten thousand people, for Microsoft, who build the meaning of work and mission of development of Windows 7. If we work hard for software with the publication of high quality semampu us and we want to ensure that the final phase of Windows 7, which we tested, the Real-World-scenario in which users do not need to upgrade. At the same time, the user the Windows 7 Beta may be the great experience and allows the user to understand how to upgrade to the RC version. "Cushion Microsoft parts, as on the blog. Microsoft also mentions that the upgrade is the same for the RC (Release Candidate) of the final version of Windows 7, 2010 to come.

Occurrence of the Mozilla Firefox 3.6

     Mozilla Firefox 3.6 is what is the code name Namoroka and are currently in 2010, launched after Firefox 3.5. Mozilla has a great ambition on Firefox 3.6, including peradigma task-based user interface and integration with the application of the Internet in its entirety. Although Firefox 3.5 has not been released, but Mozilla is the next version, with the name of 3.6. 

     Meanwhile, Firefox 3.5 beta 3 has been considered independent base in the last month, some interesting applications, such as HTML 5 video element and a high level of performance Trace Monkey JavaScript engine. While Firefox 3.5 beta 4 is expected that at the end of this month and for the final version will be available in June Firefox 3.5, 3.1, but the version has a number of functions that are in the possession and set up. 

     While Firefox 3.6 with additional features and commissioning, to respond quickly, the theme of light and add-on that can be installed without the need, ask to restart your browser. In addition, also Persona Project, the skin may, for the visual aspect of Firefox 3.6. The developers of Firefox 3.6 also allows the user interface aspects of the history of browser-based and other activities that automates the browser. 

      In Firefox 3.6 also facilitate navigation for users to capture and save the Group Policy tab and interaction with Web services on the command. Mozilla tries to open the borders between the Web and Office integration with the Internet, the ubiquity, the approach based on the image. Mozilla add improvisation and technical innovation in the production of the main aspects of the experience of users of Firefox 3.6.

Acer AspireRevo

     Acer has a PC, on April 7th of the class of power, the PC to a PC based Atom processor. Acer AspireRevo, is the first PC-based nuclear Nvidia chip with the Ion, a package with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, a graphics card in the 13-inch Apple MacBook and MacBook Air AspireRevo Acer with a seukuran Hardcover book Nvidia graphics card to combine with the Intel Atom. 

     To design, Acer AspireRevo be much more economical, but slower than the architecture of the Intel Core 2 Duo. While for external functions Acer AspireRevo very little, even if a little thick compared to the size of a laptop, but as ukurannnya book. Internally, devices AspireRevo Acer akan test Nvidia graphics card is, because the former couple netBook nuclear processor and NVIDIA graphics card, the situation, a better performance than Intel chipsets with the atom. 

"AspireRevo is a device that is suitable for the room because the Nvidia graphics card-ion provides an excellent experience with digital photos, videos, games and families." Gianpiero Morbello Said, Corporate Vice President for Acer. 

Nvidia able, on the basis of AspireRevo Ion: 
Can be installed on Windows Vista Home Premium 
1080p HD quality video with audio-7 / 1 
If you enjoyed a game like Spore, Call of Duty 4 and Sim City 5 
DirectX 10 graphics performance with advanced 
Transcoding video and accelerating the Nvidia CUDA technology 
Office-based Nvidia-ion at a price below the estimated $ 300

The Threat of Computer Users

    Rogue Security Software has been placed at the top of the threat to computer users around the world, because the program was quickly attacked by many users, the Microsoft. 

     Rogue Security Software is a software, malware (malicious software), or evil, or that you install computer users or force to pay for malware, it is not.  Rogue Security Software, also known as scareware, users of computers to use the desire to protect their computers and bait for the sale of counterfeit code, that evil often steal personal information. 

     Security Intelligence Report, published by the end of Microsoft, in the second half of 2008, Win32/Renos - a threat that is used for a rogue state of security software, the 4.4 million computers, 66.6% by compared to the first half of this year.  According to the report, two other families of security software for Rogue over 1.5 million computers, so that among the 10 greatest threats in the second half of 2008. 

      Security Intelligence Report, with data from hundreds of millions of computers in the world, twice a year.  Based on the results obtained, the user, proactive measures to protect, such as the use of the Anti-Malware-products from one source, is known and familiar and software up to date.  Computer user should be careful not to see messages that are not known to provide good protection for the computer, and a way, we can expect that the number of victims .

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The Online Services for Payday Loans

     Internet has been something really helpful for people due to the flexibility it has in connecting people with the more complete information regarding the fulfillment of several specific things. For the financial stuffs, there is nothing that can help people to overcome such matter more effective rather than internet.

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File Extension for Movie Download

     There are some file extensions that are made for the video or movie. One of them is the QTL file extension. This file extension is almost the same with MOV file. This file extension is related to the file downloading. This works when we are about watching the video we already download but we do not complete it. This file extension able to plays the full version video without downloading the entire movie.   

     Unfortunately, this File Extension QTL has a potency to deliver the unwanted virus to the unprotected computer. With the downloading, the unprotected computer may be infected by some viruses like Trojan or malware. When the computer security is inactive or in improper setup, the security can be easily break. If we often download the files from the network, it is better for us to set the security for the File Extension QTL and MOV.

     The provides vary information about File Extension QTL. It also gives some tips related to the file extension. On the website, we can get valuable information about all file extension. We can easily search the file extension we need on the searching engine. This website gives easiness for the computer user to install the file extension we need and provide some instruction for the application.       

UAV: Success Story in Afghanistan

    When President Bush’s administration declared the war against terror, American people face another conflict. Hundreds of thousands US military personnel are deployed to Afghanistan which is considered by Bush’s administration as the base of terrorist. In this country, our military doesn’t face any naval or armed forces. They fight in unconventional war where their enemies hiding with all civilian and using guerilla tactic. It is worseness with the geographic condition of dessert and mountainous area that become an ideal place to hide.

    Without any significant approach, our military will face difficult time in Afghanistan, and it would cost us many casualties. Thanks to the latest military technology, our forces gain significant victory in their campaign. This technology is called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This device could be operated from control area using wireless technology and GPS application. Since it is relatively small than conservative airplanes, it gives them ability to long range operation.

    May types of UAVs are deployed in War of Terror. For the first time the UAV such as Pioneer is completed with radar and surveillance equipments. It is like unblinkable eyes that support many intelligent data and guide ground forces for more effective strike to enemy bases. Furthermore, some advanced UAV such as Predator could bring weapons abroad. Started with canons for self defense, to missile like hellfire. Guided by satellite, it becomes an effective attacking agent to many military bases that unreachable for ground forces. There many success stories of UAVs operation that could kill some dangerous target. More importantly, with the used of UAV either for surveillance or attack, it could prevent more casualties. Isn’t our military personnel’s life is priceless?