Website Customization: What can we do?

Today, in this trendy world, people get very uptight as they don't look completely presentable. This would also be the case in web designing.

Every human would definitely want their website to look good, if not, to the best they can. Here are a few things we coulded for when wanting to create a professional looking webpage.

Color Schemes and Themes.

When designing, always decide matching colors. An good example of a matching color would be to have a dark background, with visible words and designs. With the dark theme, try not to mix too many bright colors into the design. What we should NEVER do, is to mix two very different colors, such as purple and yellow. Now, of course, it would depend upon the purpose of the website, but those two colors are too striking for one who wants it to look more professional.

Themes must always suit the company or rather, the organization / etc. If the website was made to cater for a food company, it would be wise to stick to that particular category, instead of to revert to another theme, such as machinery.

Fonts should be used in regard to the formality of the website. A simple sans-serif font would suffice in most cases. Exceeding cases such as design and art groups might want to use fanciful designs and fonts. Of course, that’s only if you know what you’re doing.

Finally, we must always try to think of our visitors, see the way they see. The resolutions and file sizes of the pictures must not be too large in terms of size. This is to allow maximum compatibility and cater our visitor’s needs.

So, planning is something we should always do, before attempting something.

Facebook Virus

More bad news attacks Facebook, after a few days ago was attacked Koobface virus variants of malware is also the new post Facebook. The companies Websense Security, Malware attack is a bad form of video distribution by e-mail is considered a personal e-mail on Facebook, and then use the nature of the infection "pseudo code" for that 'on users.

The attack starts, if the sender malware, send a message, the message as legitimate Facebook with titles such as "dancing girls drunk in a bar" or "super girl dance" or " Magnificent Dance Striptease "or" Discover Oooh! Super Beautiful Girl Dancing "or" Dancing Girl In Hot Striptease Dance Party. "E-mail is a link to this address showed of social networking sites are very popular.

Once the link is clicked, the user is on the pages of third parties (third) with the same gaze Facebook page, and then the user is prompted for the executable file named "Adobe_Player11.exe. Exe is attacked user with the "evil" that is used to prepare the way for access to the remote computer, which had been infected.

Using Facebook as a targeted attack in only a few months. Sites, the file is often sensational or pornographic films like "Hot Girls in the influence of strip-tease" in the upper part, as the strength of the user on "Allow", or false malware video attacked user.

Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra, is a collection of Nokia Vertu Signature give. What then is the Cobra?

Vertu Signature Cobra-Mobile in a luxurious, almost the same as for other types of Virtue, that verkrustete jewelry. However, for the Vertu Signature Cobra dibalut with this collection of jewels of French origin, called Boucheron. For the price of the Vertu Signature Cobra is sold very cheap, mainly because the look and design of the phone itself, it seems, with a $ 310,000 prize Lux.

The price is very cheap mobile phones Vertu Signature Cobra is consistent with the design, namely a diamond size pear fruit, a white diamond, double Emerald, Ruby Stone Plus 439th design and equipment can not wonder that more value specifying the most important, as speakers, such as streaming video or Notepad, taking into account the price is very expensive.

Regarding lifestyle, mobile phone Vertu Signature Cobra seemed smart, intelligent and able to attract customers. Vertu Signature Cobra, as we have seen, is just a normal mobile phone, but the beautiful chandelier covered with stone, he felt the Vertu, mobile phone, in this market.
Mobile Phone Vertu Signature Cobra is like a mobile phone lux and more expensive than the model Signature Python material, equipment available stone Ruby. At the Vertu Signature Cobra Vertu is limited to sell only 26 units.

Future Lithium Battery

How do I know, the battery is smaller, lighter, stronger, and need only a few seconds?
Team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, is now the development of lithium batteries with the above criteria with the old equipment in two or three years. As Reuters quoted the team believes that in time the battery can be used to quickly obtain new applications, including better battery for electric cars.

In the meantime, the lithium battery, the team estimated that the amount of energy is high, they may be much to survive. However, the lithium battery is not powernya issue, the load time when the battery. But anyway, about five years ago, and Gerbrand Ceder of MIT team found equipment lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate-traditional energy more quickly.

Ceder and while the lithium-ion walk through the tunnel or the tunnel to reach the area of the surface ions. If the lithium-ion to the surface just before the tunnel, the lithium battery power more quickly. However, if this is in the house, lithium can not exclude energy and effectively, if not necessary. Therefore, Ceder and improving the team and equipment and a battery change with heat treatment.

Ceder added, with the heat treatment of the battery, it is a tunnel in a smooth material, the ions too easily. Therefore, the team has one, the battery is small and lightweight material and can not be completed within 10 to 20 seconds. "If producers use, a battery, it must still wait a few years." Ceder said.

HRP-4C : Fashion Robot

Look at the model on the podium? Like others, so that if the model of robot. HRP-4C, fashion model robot, which can talk like human beings, AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in Japan, priced at £ 150,000 and $ 210,685. With the engine 30 in the body, women at high robot 158 centimeters (62 inches) and weight of 43 kg (95 lbs) can be used with different form.

Robot-woman black hair with the internal engine 8 on the face for having a large number of emotional expressions as mad or surprised. Robot HRP-4C is the first launch of its first fashion show in Tokyo next week, or date of March 23, although not all alias nu.

Although the form of robots, but the HRP-4C is a beautiful woman who is able to blink his eyes and voice. Robots of the team pengembangnya in Japan, far more than other robots have, and it is possible that the model can replace human fashion.

Google Voice

Google is a great company, between the phone and computer, ie, with the launch of Google Voice, Thursday (12-03) yesterday. This new service combines the wave of a conventional phone with Google Mail or Gmail, and allows the user to the minutes of voicemail in their email account, and users can be important information in the number personal telephone.

Google move as a new branch of economics in addition to the strengthening of the "Internet Research", namely to achieve with all connections between the mobile phone to a PC. Google own Voice of Grand Central Communications, a company that Google acquired in July 2007. Google Voice is the first update on the Grand Central from the acquisition process. The original product, such as Grand Central, Google Voice offers its customers a phone number, which can be used for home, office or by phone.

New version of Google Voice uses speech recognition technology developed by Google-411-own directory service, voice mail automatically text. Personal, and then to us by e-mail or SMS to a user of the mailbox dituju. Not yet clear if Google Voice is in the model that Google has provided that 97% of income.

According to Craig Walker, product manager for communication in real time on Google, the important features of the bill, that Google Voice or user only when users call or long distance, so that the product is not income generation. Walker added that Google is Voice of public opinion in a few weeks, and Google Voice is a free product for the consumer.

MSI Wind Nettop CS120

Looking for slim and energy-friendly desktop? This is your chance, MSI officially as the availability of wind Nettop CS120 computer. There are 90% of energy as a standard desktop and 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, 160 GB hard drive, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 7.1 channel audio output, WiFi b / g, Slot-in DVD, 6x USB 2.0 ports and 4 - in -1 Card Media Reader.

Amazon and several other companies, they have about $ 300.

City of Industry, CA - 12 March 2009 - MSI, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, is pleased to release a new desktop PC, the wind Nettop CS120, with WiFi, Slot - in DVD burner and Energy Star ® certificate. The wind is Nettop CS120 with the latest 1.6 GHz Intel ® Atom ™ processor 230, a 160 GB SATA hard drive and 1 GB DDR2 SODIMM memory is expandable to 2 GB.

Energy savings and ultra-quiet

Nettop Wind CS120 of space and energy is the portal of the home and business users. In comparing the power consumption of 300W of desktops, the wind can Nettop Series 35W at full speed, about 90% saving of electricity. Users need not fear, as well as electricity, even if the computer in the 24-hour period. MSI myths that have been damaged desktop with the same energy consumption is high Nettop CS120 ENERGY STAR ® qualified.

WiFi, and Slot-in DVD-burner

The size of a compact MSI Wind Nettop CS120 has a style Slot-in DVD Super-Multi Drive, used for backing up data, install software or movies. The MSI Wind Nettop CS120 is designed to be everywhere, including space research. You can, in conjunction with the world with integrated WiFi. Equitable access to the Internet, e-mail, MSN, and whenever you want!

7 / 1 HD Stereo To express their Excellent Sound Experience

Wind Nettop CS120 supports 7.1 channel high definition output, so that even a small room has a big theater screen experience of the clear and very low altitudes. While listening to music or movies, the wind Nettop CS120 offers outstanding performance.

Wind Nettop CS120 Specifications

About MSI

Founded in 1986, MSI designed the development and production of superior technology and innovative products and provide excellent service. MSI continues to ensure that the philosophy of the company stresses "Award-winning product quality and excellent service." MSI specializes in the development and manufacture of motherboards, graphics cards, PC Office All-in-one PC, communication products, wireless and portable computers. To learn more about the full range of MSI products, please visit:

Philips DECT Digital Monitor

Different the analog-based baby monitor that doesn't operate at a frequency that is safe and vulnerable to interference from mobile phone or cordless phone, baby monitor using this digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT), which automatically takes the used frequency band from 60 different channels for optimal clarity and security, so you can monitor your baby without signal interference. Baby monitor plays five different lullabies, has a night light function, and a thermometer reads at Ambient temperature in the bedroom of your child and display the information on the baby's parents and the handset liquid crystal display monitor. Mobile phone handset has a size range up to 150 ', which allows you to monitor sound in the bedroom of your child when you are in another room or outside. Handset control and monitor functions Lullaby night light, while the audio and visual alarm when the digital audio link is broken between the handset and monitor or when the handset must be recharged. A two-way access between the handset with the touch of a button, which allows you to quickly and easily to communicate with your child. To prevent misplacement of the handset, the unit contains a belt clip, neck strap, and a page border. Parents bring rechargeable handset 16 hours to charge from empty and operate up to 12 hours a day on the charge. Handset including two AAA batteries that can be filled. Includes zippered travel bag. Charging basis and to monitor the baby to the AC plug. Manufacturers who have been together nfirmed this item meets U.S. Federal toy safety standards for lead. Handset: 4 1 / 4 "H x 2 1 / 4" W x 1 "D. (4 1/4oz.) Monitor: 4" H x 4 "diameter. (6 oz.)

GoldKey 256 Bit AES

What happens if the stolen laptop, and data, including credit card number has been lost?

To avoid this you can use encryption, as the NSA for documents "Top Secret". Goldkey USB berdimensi 30mm x 12mm x 4.5mm, was already in the software, namely the security key and users to encrypt files and folders that are only accessible if the user or a person has a valid and Goldkey password entered correctly, if. Goldkey USB does not have this space, but users encrypt files on the hard disk, optical media or USB thumb drive.

Goldkey computer user, then the group manager, and every show encryption and tape encryption available. Click on one of volume and volume of decryption, the DVD-ROM, or select the file or disk drive internal or external to the computer of the user the option that gives you a volume encrypted.

Goldkey pull, and the file is automatically blocked. Goldkey This brings benefits to support fast 256-bit AES encryption is very safe, titanium, fireproof, anti-water, and maintain Goldkey files securely to the user a very long period. Goldkey support this operating system Windows XP / Vista or Mac OS X, supported by the USB 2.0 interface.