Grizzly Xtreme Ruggedized Keyboard

Most of the computer, the work of the relatively benign in an office environment. But sometimes you need a computer or externally, as an assembly plant or warehouse fort. With the possibility of dust and liquids are everywhere, usually with a keyboard is to link the dirt. To resolve this problem, you can only protection for a standard keyboard or a purchase, as the keyboard Grizzly robust xtreme.

Grizzly taken the keyboard to the computer with a USB port and 101 containing a key design zerschmissen in a short form. Keyboard size 14.4 cm wide and 6.9 cm and contains all the major, including the top line of the noon, a T-shaped reverse button, and a separate numeric keypad.

Unlike a normal keyboard, leaving the space between the button to the bottom of the dirt, open the keyboard, the Grizzly to do so, thanks to the rubber, as the keyboard, with the interior of the exposure to the outside. The Heavy-Metal-framework to protect the keyboard from the shock or fall.

During the rubber protection to protect the keyboard, it's a bit complicated. It may be the nature of the barrier, but the effort is difficult. It is likely that you only with the keyboard of the words or short paragraph, and for this task, to do with the keyboard.

Another feature is the keyboard to light, which may be the key to see in dark or dimly lit. If you do not need this declaration, then press on.

Of course, the keyboard is relatively useless without a mouse. Like most computer mouse can not remember, harsh environment, the Grizzly-keyboard with a similar device, which is incorporated in the key in laptop keyboard.

With the device using the keyboard feels like Grizzly plates on the side where the thrust of the mouse moves on the screen, and both closely as left and right mouse button. Pointer to pointer with the device is very simple and easy.

The price you for a robust keyboard, is a higher cost ($ 348). However, if you really need to use a computer on the territory, killing a normal keyboard, the keyboard xtreme Grizzly (for use in extreme temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius) are more than sufficient for the task.


Ear and headphones. Ear and headphones. So many possibilities! Today I have the joy of reviewing ZaggPhones. The first, what I do on ZaggPhones vote. You really wide stereo field, and I feel like I hear more of the shot, I thought that I control. It'sa great feeling to play some of my favorite photos that nuances to discover, I had never heard of. The mix is very balanced, with senior centers and frequencies that are not too strong or weak, and I think the only thing I need a little lower. I can not, as often, I said that! I feel like Christopher Walken Cowbell loudly for more!

Regarding construction, and they feel for how it can be seen. List moderate visual atmosphere, the only form of ZaggPhones because they break easily. The plastic panel next to the switches that the size of phone is exposed and must be the cost of the design decisions because they did not win any style points helmet. However, if you press and hold ZaggPhones, they feel very high quality and long life. If comfort, in general, although for a few hours, but when I wear my glasses. Padding ZaggPhones is for half of foam that feels soft Nice, but can be extended for the purpose. The Pad of the bar, which covers the head, which helps people who do not have much hair. Never heard before ZAGG The 2009 I am impressed by the quality of the product, and I welcome the company positive exposure they deserve. For this price category most famous manufacturer of helmet ZaggPhones run for their money. Check it out and discover your music!

Swann Surveillance Flashlight DVR

If you POKE used around the dark and need to take a picture of what you can see (as a home inspector of peeking under the house), you can use the camera and put a flashlight. However, two points are too heavy, so a simple alternative, you can monitor Swann flashlight, one with a digital camera, camcorder.

Flashlight needs three C-batteries, and weight of 520 g (without battery Weight). There are a quantity of a flashlight with a 3.11-inch dimension with a point that the front, 3.85 inches high and 12.83 inches long. Director of a flashlight and a digital camera and a microphone. If you normally use for the use of flashlights, this device is ugly in comparison. However, if the font style torch, this point is that sport is more of a headache for the goal.
There are three levels of light, you can select. Only then, the flashlight, the objective, and now you can, photos or videos. If you have a video, you can also audio. Camera, images at a resolution of 640 x 480, but it can be kind of grain of the digital camera or video camera.

Flashlight capture video in MPEG-4 format at 30 frames per second (fps) and a maximum of 18 minutes on 128 MB of integrated memory. If you live in an optional SD card, you can use up to 1.5 hours of video on a 1GB SD card.

After registration of images, video or audio, you can transmit data to a computer via the USB cable, plug in any USB 1.1 port.

Although the limited resolution of the camera, a flashlight can be very useful for images where you can torch, as the engine in the car or in the attic. For security purposes, a flashlight, which can help you to events, without knowledge of the other.

As the camera and a microphone hidden in a flashlight's goal, you can in a flashlight and video and audio recording without it can be useful for large audio and video evidence. The microphone takes its reasonable, but do not expect crystal clear fidelity. In total, the integrated camera and microphone is sufficient for a typical application for this flashlight.
Swann DVR flashlight, very expensive for normal use. However, if you have a hidden camera and microphone is hidden, which to a regular flashlight, this product is truly unique.

Mophie juice pack goes iPhone 3G

Latest Apple iPhone 3G Smartphone market has been dominated by the base. Use a touch screen phone with joy and storage and audio for a very good player. Probably the weakest of the battery of the iPhone is relatively limited. If you are not only the iPhone on the phone, the opportunity, every two you'll never be a day without the battery to recharge. Since you can not always near a power outlet or USB port on the computer, you can invest in a portable, battery of your iPhone. One elegant iPhone battery is the MoPH Juice Pack.

The Juice Pack is essentially a battery in which protection is the case. Insert the battery of the iPhone is as easy as starting the iPhone in the Juice Pack. Manufacturer claims that Juice Pack, who speak and use the Internet, 6 hours of video playback up to 8 hours of audio playback and up to 28 hours. However, using the iPhone, the Juice Pack ensures that you do not need to worry about running the power in the middle of the day.

Juice Pack loading takes approximately 3 hours. Connect the USB cable to the USB port of your computer and you can to the load and the Juice Pack to synchronize your data at the same time.
If in the Juice Pack iPhone, you can still play, and audio recordings from the camera-phones. It is surprising that the Juice Pack does not block the iPhone external speakers, and its also good, even if the Juice Pack, it does not exist.

To help you, the strength of the Juice Pack, you can press the button on the back of the lights that light from zero to four. Juice Pack completely fourth light, while the Juice Pack with power supply over a small light illuminates.

Despite its added bulk, the Juice Pack is not cutting the size and weight of the iPhone. You see, the more weight and thickness, but after one or two days, your iPhone is in the Juice Pack, you must not on any major difference.

For $ 99.95, the Juice Pack is a reasonable price, especially if you frequently use and can not make your iPhone any day. If you can not leave the battery on your iPhone, the Juice Pack is a wise investment.

MSI Wind Nettop CS120

How, by video card should do more than the latest DirectX 10 games and playing HD quality. For example, it is very modern for a GPU to meet the needs of employers, from a presentation at work on the big screen or likely more than one screen at the same time each day. All this with a laptop, or why not, the form of smaller PC. GPU-developers have a bit differently, to achieve the objective, and this is what NVIDIA, etc.. This is the next NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 graphics card. It will be in February to 499 USD, as recommended by the manufacturer.

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 GPU can be, which in the multi-functions, and is suitable for small, but certainly enough to have the courage, on almost any PC game. Indeed, the 512 MB to 11.2 Gbit / s bandwidth and speed, too, must be sufficient for several years. But more important, as it always has a number of screen width. With NVIDIA n View Display Software, Quadro NVS 420 can contain up to four hours of 30-inch screen resolution 2560 x 1600. More details are as follows: 4 x DisplayPort, 4 x Dual-Link DVI and CUDA Parallel Computing Processor Cores with 16th It is, as the NVS 420 to $ 499, but I am just a new mini-computer the nature of money. I think the Quadro NVS 420 is expensive but can be a good value for money with all the teeth in the mini-GPU. And here is another problem. This is confirmed by the cooling of young fans, but not enough for embarrassing?

ED-E Robot

The school is a place where most people for the future of their hobbies, interests and other things that their boat fleet. That is why training programs are very important and the results of education can say a lot about the whole country. Recently, a robot enthusiasts Dr. Jim Wyatt has to offer as a coach for the creation of the school. Wyatt is known ED-E robot, you could see him at CES 2009 presented by Kablamm Ltd. Ed-E can be a great help in the fields of mathematics and physical education in the classroom. ED-E robot is also for individuals and is considered to be very enjoyable for children and their parents.

There are a number of reasons why ED-E to promoting, in essence, games for education. First, they draw attention to positive 100% of pupils. As a toy, ED-E can be many things like brake dancing, swinging on one foot, hopping, etc., for the entire complex. The education of all parties to this process in the programming of ED-E-17 servo motor, for a task or to students for free. These children can learn the fundamentals of mechanics, mathematics, and three-dimensional programming. Best of all, I think see the results immediately without scholastic students should familiarize themselves with time.

But I can hardly imagine that the ED-E is for education and curriculum, with robots, but I can very well. A standard E-ED sold to individuals from 400 quid, but the package for schools is less expensive. Other programming tools is 28 quid more robots than price.

Voters from R2-D2.

This motorized replica of the headstrong little "Droid" from the iconic Star Wars films responds to voice commands, navigates rooms and hallways, and make every home feel is transported to a galaxy far, far away R2 obeys more than 40 voice commands ( "Turn around!" "Moving to the front of the two units!") and he plays games like tag using infrared sensors to search for people in the room. His sensor helps him follow behind you, or can be arranged to detect movement, R2 to switch to a room sentry that sounds an alarm if the area is safe. R2's lights, swiveling dome top, and distinctive happy and sad sounds faithfully mimic the real thing, right down to the occasional "bad mood." (A simple command, "R2, behave yourself!" Locked him out of it.) R2 can also replay sounds and dialog from Star Wars. film, answer yes or no-questions, and dance while playing the famous cantina music. Requires four AA batteries and four D batteries. Minor assembly required. Ages 8 and up. 15 "H x 7 1 / 2" W x 10 1 / 2 "L. (6 lbs.)

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