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Simple Upgrade for Your Computer’s Memory

In this modern life, we can never be separated from our computer. We work from our computer and get lots of entertainment from it. We save our files on it. Some of the files come from our work, but we also can save some of our personal files on it. With so many files on its memory, we can run out of empty space on our computer’s memory.
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The XBox 360, Not Just For Video Games

On November 22, 2005, Microsoft released the long awaited XBox 360, the next generation of its popular XBox gaming console. The XBox 360, however, goes farther than any game system that users are currently accustomed to. The XBox 360 is more like a fully functional, broadband connected entertainment gadget that appeals to gamers but is equipped to entertain the whole family.

Although smaller than the original XBox (The 360 weighs in at a mere 7.7 lbs), this version packs so many nifty features in a small package. If you also happen to own a HDTV, you will truly be able to appreciate the advanced graphics features and support for windscreen (16:9) format. Of course, the console will work on regular television as well, but the depth of the graphics will be particularly stunning on more advanced televisions. The XBOx 360 carries a ATI graphics processor and 10MB of embedded DRAM. This setup allows the XBox 360 to draw up to 500 million triangles per second for the ultimate in realistic graphics.

The XBox 360 unit also has a 12x dual layer DVD Rom drive that serves the dual purpose of playing XBox games as well as ordinary DVDs. There is also additional support for surround sound audio for the ultimate home theater experience and realistic gaming.

For game save and other media storage, you can optionally purchase a 20GB external harddrive which also serves to make the XBox 360 backwards compatible with original XBox games.

The XBox 360 goes well beyond the range of gaming and video with its built-in Ethernet port that allows users to connect via their broadband connection to XBox live (available in various flavors). XBox live will allow you to play live over the Internet, use voice and even video chat and, of course, purchase additional goodies for your XBOx. In addition to ethernet connectivity, you can optionally purchase wireless adapters that comply with the standard wireless 802.11 protocol for integration into your existing wireless network. For other data transfer tasks, such as uploading of your digital photos, digital home movies, and music, you can use the integrated USB 2.0 port. With all of these features, it is a piece of cake to stream all of your digital files.

As you can see, the XBox 360 offers a little something for everyone. Kids can enjoy the futuristic gaming capabilities (check game ratings for age appropriateness), and Mom and Dad can enjoy the file sharing, music and video streaming, and home theater features.

Best of the Best Awards from Direct Sat TV

Well, I do love romantic movie. There are lots of romantic movie but I love Titanic very much. This is because of Kate Winslet, an English actress that becomes main actress at that movie. She performed as Rose DeWitt Bukater, a lady who was in love with ordinary boy. At the movie, she performed very well so that I can say that she is the soul of the movie. This film has brought her to be the nominees of several awards.
I love the way she speaks that show her English accent. She is an English actress that has successfully become a popular actress in America. There are lots of movies that Kate Winslet has supported. The Reader and Revolutionary Road are two of her movies to mention. These two movies have proven her as a great and talented actress. Her biggest achievement is shown by the fact that she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in The Reader. I wish that she will win another award in the future for she is talented.
As I write about Kate Winslet, I also wish to be one of the winners in Best of the Best awards that is held by Direct Sat TV. BoB Awards are given to 29 categories. Blog Awards is just one of its categories. Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards.

The Journey From USB 1.1 To USB 2.0

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) was first launched in 1996 by a group of IT Companies known as the USB Promoter Group.

This first version was known as USB 1.1 and was a standardized serial connection that aimed to provide a replacement for parallel and serial ports. Intended for mid-speed and slow computer peripherals, it created an intelligent serial bus.

In the early years, many people utilized USB on their own computers and it proved to work well for most applications. In recent years, however, USB 1.1 has proved to be too limited. While USB 1.1 managed to remain useful to more modern technologies, some loopholes in the initial version were pointed as the source of major problems.

USB 1.1 was limited with a slower transference rate of only 12-megabits/ sec. During the rise of the USB 1.1 in the market, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) unveiled the FireWire, also called i.LINK(tm), which had a transfer speed of 400 blazing megabytes per second, then considered a fantastic rate of transfer. This transfer speed made the uploading of a full motion video from a camcorder convenient. It threatened to push USB 1.1 out of the market, as it was not able to compete with this newcomer.

The creation of increasingly sophisticated gadgets and peripherals spotlighted the limitations of the original version of USB. USB 1.1 was not able to fully support the speeds needed to run gadgets like digital movie or video players, mobile phones, video phones, Web cameras, digital cameras, MP3s or digital music players, PDAs and Palmtops.

When USB 2.0 version debuted, with 40 times the speed of the previous version, it offered the capacity to operate most of the newly released technologies.

One of the most important features of USB 2.0 is that it is backward compatible. In other words, USB 2.0 hardware can be plugged to computer's old USB 1.1 port and will function properly because both versions use same plug. USB 2.0 can transmit data at speeds between 1.5 megabits to 480 megabits per second, but if USB 2.0 hardware is connected to a USB 1.1 port it will not attempt to transmit data at its maximum speed of 480 megabits per second. Rather, it will slow it's rate of transmission in order to operate properly and compatibly with the older hardware.

Upgrading a computer to include USB 2.0 ports into a computer is a simple procedure. When USB 2.0 ports are added with a PCI port card, the original USB 1.1 ports are retained and will continue to function normally.

Both USB 2.0 and 1.1 are plug and play. Once a USB device is connected to the host computer, the system will automatically recognizes it. The drivers will then be installed and the system can begin operating the new hardware without the necessity of a reboot. The upgraded technology of USB 2.0 also allows the connection capacity of a single computer to a very large number of devices at once: 127 to be exact.

Both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 have become vital instruments in connecting devices and computers together. If things continue as they have begun, USB will become even faster and more efficient in years to come.

Sensors Providing Superhuman Powers


In the movie, Superman, Superman spun the earth around to reverse time so Louis Lane could escape a driving tragedy. Nowadays we do not need Superman to avoid catastrophe… We can sense the conditions of roads miles before we get there.

Spiderman uses his “Spidey-sense” to alert him of transgressions. We have our own sixth sense… We can learn of criminal actions without anyone being there to witness the event.

We are acquiring more superpowers with each passing day. It is not a result of global warming or some unknown bacteria in the water… it comes from sensor technology.

Answers from the previously unknown

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear, does it make a sound? We all have heard that frustrating question before. Now we know the answer is a resounding, “yes.”

Sensors have been deployed in all kinds of areas and situations giving us information that was not previously available. From jungles, to space, to oceans, sensors have been providing us with intelligence.

Sensors can assess pathogens at the molecular level or the rotation of planets in orbit. We can see the day-to-day or year-to-year impact of our development from space on the Amazon, Mexico City, or Las Vegas.

How have we become superhuman?

Four things have facilitated the growth of our superhuman strength:

- More sensors are becoming wireless, so they can be used anywhere.

-Sensors are able to operate on less power (some even extracting the power from their immediate environment).

-Sensors are becoming smaller and smaller. The latest sensors are the size of a pinhead.

-Sensors are working together. Sensors are being formed into networks, relating information to one another and ultimately to us. Think of the world as being one big Internet with information becoming accessible from anywhere at any time.

What the future will be like

Sensors will enable real time viewing of all places at any time. Sensors will be on our street in our forests, on our corners, in our houses, and on our clothing. It has already begun, and each passing moment invites more opportunities for sensor advancement…

A Handy GPS System

Today’s modern society means ownership of a bevy of gadgets guaranteed to elevate us to new levels of convenience. What would we do with our cell phones, PDA’s, and Blackberry’s? And now, there’s another handy gadget that sits in our palm; it may be small but it harnesses an enormous amount of power and brings it streaming right to our hands. The Global Positioning System – or GPS system - is the newest of modern gadgets that promises to keep us on the cutting edge of technology.

The GPS system uses the positioning of 24 satellites that circle the earth to pinpoint any location in the world. Having been developed by the United States Department of Defense, the GPS system was initially intended for military use when the first operational satellite was launched in 1978. However, by the mid-90’s, 23 more satellites had been added to the rotation and the modern GPS system was born. Today’s civilian consumers have taken the system and elevated it to ever-growing popularity.

The GPS system of today includes a network of devices used for mapping, navigation, and tracking that has replaced the compass and paper road maps of yesteryear. Users operate their GPS system in a variety of ways – from the computer mapping device to the navigational system available in newer cars.

One part of the GPS system is the GPS receiver – a hand-held device that receives its information from government satellites. Using this information, the GPS receiver does a series of latitudinal and longitudinal calculations that can precisely pinpoint the user’s location. A small screen will literally mark the location of the user amidst a larger map that shows surrounding points of reference. This can be enormously beneficial in a number of situations including the use by outside enthusiasts who frequently camp and hike.

The GPS system that seems to be most in use today is the navigational unit found in modern vehicles. While some units are portable and can be transferred from one vehicle to another, there are others that are permanently mounted in newer cars as part of their standard features. This GPS system – when given a specific address – can navigate the driver to their destination including turns, landmarks, and distances of all portions of the trip.

Most importantly, the GPS system of today is one that provides you with the most convenience that is specific to your needs and frequency of use.

.UPG for Software and Hardware

We use our computer for various activities, we use it to type the document, watching movies, transfer the data, and many more activities. By using the computer for various activities, it means we use the programs and hardware of the computer, let us say for example if we are typing the document, we use keyboard to type it, to transfer the data we need card reader, and so on. The activities are supported with software in our computer and hardware.

File extension is usually related with software, but File Extension UPG is the file extension that combines both software and hardware. It has important role to the devices operation and without this file extension, all the devices will not work. File Extension UPG in our computer indicates that the file is an upgraded firmware file. Some of the firmware is able to update the program itself, but if we have firmware that cannot automatically update its program, then we can update it by download the File Extension UPG from the website.

Just like other file extensions, some errors may occur to this file extension. To get more information about this file and the tips to fix it, we can visit From the website, we will know this file extension better. If we need information about other file extensions, we can search it on the site because it provides hundreds of file extension information.

RAM Modules for Better Computer’s Performance

Everybody really knows how their computer could help them in their daily work. Even we must admit the fact that we are more dependent to this technology. That is the reason why we need to ensure our computer is in its best performance.

There is many factors influenced computer’s performance. Instead of the processor unit, RAM is one of the most important parts of it. Even installing better RAM module with higher memory capacity could significantly increase its computing capability. If you are thinking for Apple Mac RAM memory upgrades, is a professional service for memory upgrading that could be the best place for it. They offer SO-DIMM iMac memory modules from DRAM with the latest technology for better performance and less energy consumption.

Off course there are many RAM modules for other computer’s brands both desktop and notebook computers. RAM modules in their catalogue are ranging from many top rated brands with many options of memory capacity. One of the most favorites is Toshiba SO-DIMM memory modules for almost all Toshiba Notebook series. This site guaranteed that their modules will be completely compatible with your computer system and even they give replacing guarantee for every module. Find the most suitable RAM modules here and get the computing experience you’ve never experienced before.